Digital Timer Temperature Thermometer Screen Alarm Olock Calendar PenHolder Case

Digital Timer Temperature Thermometer Screen Alarm Olock Calendar PenHolder Case

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Product Description

DescriptionThermometer Pen Case Time Alarm Electronic Timer Music Birthday Reminder Perpetual Calendar Pen Case
Type: Digital Thermometer
Product Category: Timer / Timer
Temperature measurement range: -10~50 (°C)
Power type: battery
Net weight: 0.17 kg
Specification: 45*17mm

1. Exquisite pen holder with a variety of functions, such as large screen display time, calendar, week, temperature, etc. There are music alarm clock and snooze mode to choose from, with birthday reminder and timer.
2. The normal time mode displays time, date (2000 to 2099), day of the week, temperature, and 12/24 hour conversion.
3. Daily alarm clock and snooze mode, alarm mode can set daily alarm time and select alarm music (8 in total), and can also enable snooze function.
4. Birthday reminder mode, you can set the specific time and date of the birthday reminder, and there will be a birthday song broadcast to show the blessing.
5. Timer mode, the timer mode can set the reverse timing, the timing range is 23:59-00:00 hours. When the time arrives, it will sound a reminder.
6. Temperature prompt, automatically detect the ambient temperature. Under normal conditions, press the SET button to convert the Celsius/Chinese temperature.
7. The music appreciation mode is normal again, press the ▼ button to turn the music appreciation function on or off.
Package Included
1* thermometer

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